The founding philosophy behind our formulas is what Dr. Gary Cotton, Founder of Best Breed, calls “Common Sense Nutrition.” Common Sense Nutrition means we disregard the usual marketing and cost control techniques often used by the larger conglomerate-type pet food companies and simply develop the healthiest all-natural dog and cat foods possible.

The difference between our foods and our competitors’ foods is not on the outside of the bag, rather it is inside. When comparing and contrasting labels of different brands, one can easily decipher that a food containing low-grade ingredients such as, “chicken by-product meal” or “corn gluten” is subordinate to a diet that contains ingredients like, “chicken meal” or “brown rice.” But what most pet parents do not realize is that just because a diet has ingredients such as “chicken meal” or “brown rice” listed, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of the highest quality. For example, there are many grades of chicken meal, all of which can legally be called “chicken meal” on the ingredient list, but are significantly different in terms of nutritional value and digestibility. Best Breed’s formulas contain only the highest grade of ingredients available, helping ensure the health and vitality of your faithful friend.

Meats – High protein, low-ash sources of meats including:

  • Antibiotic-free, U.S.-sourced chicken raised without added hormones,
  • Wild-caught, omega-3 rich salmon and whitefish from the U.S. and Canada
  • Free-range lamb from New Zealand.

Healthy grains – When made with plenty of animal-derived meats and fats, a food with some grains can be very healthy for dogs and cats. Best Breed uses highly nutritious grains sourced from the U.S. and Canada. No formula contains corn, soy, wheat or gluten meals.

Grain Free Ingredients – In our grain free formulas we use low-glycemic index grain alternatives like chick peas, lentils and legumes sourced from the U.S. and Canada.

Fruits and Vegetables – Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables from the U.S.


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