Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Try These Fundraising Tips and Tricks!

  • If you have 100 friends on Facebook, send each one a message asking them to give up a lunch out and donate $10 to the animals. If you have 200 friends, your fundraising will grow by leaps and bounds! Always give donors updates on your fundraising goal. They’re in this with you!
  • Ask local restaurants and shops if they’ll donate a portion of the day’s sales to your efforts. They normally allow you to host a night of fundraising. Encourage everyone you know to dine out to support you. Search online to find restaurants that allow fundraising.
  • You spend money with people and businesses year after year. Send each of these people a personal letter letting them know you are raising funds for the homeless animals in our community or ask in-person. Be sure to let them know no amount is too big or too small. Make sure to include your address and a link to your Personal Campaign page. Remember to ask doctors, lawyers, grocers, beauticians, your local vet, and anywhere else that you frequent.
  • Host an “old-school” fundraiser like a Bake Sale, Car Wash or Raffle. People will appreciate why you’re taking the time to raise money for the animals and will support your efforts.
  • Send reminders to potential donors. A lot of people don’t donate until the last minute. Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up! Reminders are appreciated by people – like you – who lead busy lives.
  • Add a link and a message to your email signature. Everyone that receives an email from you will know you are supporting the animals.

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