Presenting Sponsor Feature

Mutt Strut 2022 Presenting Sponsors: Linda Gee & Alex Cattelan 

We have been associated with FAMD for over a decade  and our appreciation for their unrelenting compassion and dedicated staff and volunteers has continued to grow over that time.  We are huge animal lovers (which is probably how we ended up with five cats and a dog) and are proud to support  FAMD for all the work they do to care for, and place so many animals every year.

He are our pets, starting with the eldest and ending with the youngest (and our newest addition).

Hunter is the shy, wise old owl of the group…he is six years old.

Ducati is the sister to Harley and is one of five siblings that were adopted out from FAMD five years ago…Alex’s sister has one of the siblings (Dave). Ducati likes a lot of Alex’s attention and is quite persistent until she gets it.

Harley is the ambassador to all creatures coming into the house, he is the brother to Ducati and they are five years old.
Scout is the wild, very sweet, very curious one of the group and the brother to Gixxer, He has fallen head over heels for Harley and are inseparable for the most part.

Gixxer, Scouts sister is sweet and stunning and will visit you on her terms…very feline!
Juneau is our latest addition to our family, she is an absolute dream puppy, we are not quite sure how we got so lucky!  She is great with the cats, she loves Harley, and Harley tolerates her playing a bit rough sometimes, lol. She is six months old.
Not sure how we got so lucky!

Animal Services and Administration

2661 Greenfield, Dearborn, MI 48120
313-943-2697 ext. 6002
Fax: 313-943-2262  OR

Mon-Fri: 9am-11am and Noon – 4pm
Saturday: 9am-11am and Noon – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

The MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption and Education Center

16121 Reckinger Road, Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone:  313-943-2697 ext. 6001

Monday: Closed
Tues, Thurs: Noon – 4pm
Wed, Fri: Noon – 4pm
Saturday: Noon – 4pm
Sunday: Closed


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